Hi, My name is Maggie!                   I am an Art Creator and Founder of MELD Studio Co.  MELD Studio is a woman-owned small business built on community, a passion for diversity and equality, and a love for our planet.

Born and raised in a small Rocky Mountain town, I learned the importance of our environment balancing with the preservation of nature from a very early age.  With an accent on activism, MELD Studios graphic designs inspire us to give back and pay forward to the celebration and the healing of our planet.

Through the continual support of our customers, MELD Studio has donated over $2,000 to like-minded foundations and is committed to donate more with our future growth.

Our mission is simple - To emphasize unity and give back to our planet and global community.  MELD Studio is grounded in activism, and we believe in being the change you wish to see in the world.